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It was an ordinary evening for Tamara Gibson, another lackluster night in her mundane life, until she found herself a victim of a heinous attack. One night changed her life forever. It was also the night she met him. A man who she was instantly attracted to, even through the haze of a concussion. He’d intervened on her behalf and saved her life, but he was someone who lived by his own set of rules. He was mean, irritable, unsmiling, and unmovable. At least to everyone but Tamara. To her, he was her protector.

Axel Yates was a tattoo artist who was sensitive about his work. When a scream broke his concentration, he couldn’t ignore it. On discovering a woman being savagely attacked, his protective instincts kicked in. Even through the blood and bruises, she was beautiful. He knew that he shouldn’t feel such an overwhelming need for a stranger, but there was no way around it. He wanted her.

When their worlds collide, will they be able to fight the darkness of the past and the threats of the present, or will they die trying?