6 Elements for a great protagonist

So, this should help you with the story like a guideline. You know your story needs to go in detail about your protagonist. The protagonist’s action like training for a tournament or fighting with a lover. Include your protagonist’s reaction to something that changes their life in some way and does something about it. For example, the protagonist gets beat up by the challenger in the tournament outside of the tournament, the protagonist vows to beat them in the tournament.

Your protagonist finds out their mother has cancer. After getting the news, the tournament is an hour away. The protagonist then finds out the cancer is so severe that their mom has six months to live, the thought of losing their mom has the protagonist losing the tournament at first against who beat the protagonist up. Then thoughts of the good times invade their thoughts and hope starts to bloom and they start winning the fight. The antagonist is actually who beat them up, the protagonist fights them during the tournament.

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