Sneak Peek of one of my unedited stories

Copyright 2020 by Lacrecia Hillis
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Chapter 1

He gulped down the bottle of water and wiped his mouth with his eyes closed, feeling a glorious high. Danny opened his eyes and brushed the perspiration from his neck. It was hot as hell out there but he had to run, there is nothing like the feeling of the breeze on his skin, except there was no breeze today. The trees looked droopy and bent down, as if they too detested the heat and asking the people for help. The path looked faint because of the heat as if it would disappear any minute, then his eyes became glued to a woman jogging by. She had caramel skin, brown short hair, short in size, and thick. She was wearing shorts that showed her caramel toned legs and a t-shirt that showed her c cups. She wasn’t big or small but had a plump butt. He salivated, I got to have her he thought. He jogged in front of her and she took out her headphones and with a quizzical look on her face asked “can I help you?”
He noticed her pretty black eyes and high cheekbones, her eyes looked like they could see his soul, which he hoped not. There was a light sheen of sweat on her forehead, again no wind today. “Is there a store around here?” he asked
She gave him you stop me for that look but said “Yes, around the corner.”
“Thank you so much” he said showing off white pearly teeth.
“My name is Danny, what’s your name?” he asked.
She smiled back and said “Monique,”
He thought to himself her smile was so sexy.
“Well I’ll see you around, Monique.” He gave her that charming smile again and started jogging the trail.
Monique didn’t realize she was staring at him and smiling as if memorized, she thought he was cute. Wonder if he’s married or has a girlfriend? He looked good enough to eat with his shorts that left her wondering what they held and a shirt that showed off strong-looking pecks. She licked her lips thinking about it. There was a splash of freckles everywhere around those green eyes. Danny had red hair you want to run your hands through, a chiseled jaw, and plump lips. She needed to get laid she thought, shaking her head and putting her earphones back in and ran the trail, she listened to jazz while running, it soothed her mind. Monique jogged and thought about the numerous texts she got from her ex. He claimed he wanted to see her, that was never a good idea. They always argue when they are in the same place and she didn’t feel like that. Monique thought about this one time they argued about a woman who constantly called his phone. This woman called as soon as he would get home – of course, he denied knowing her, but she just didn’t pull the number out the air, one of the many reasons they broke up. He was a liar and she had heard enough lies to last her a lifetime on top of being very untrustworthy and sneaky, she couldn’t see now what she ever saw in him. She remembered, in the beginning, he brought her flowers to work. He made sure there was a hot meal waiting for her after work. James never argued about her doing over time.
Monique got off early one day, she smiled knowing she would surprise James. She opened the door. Clothes were everywhere. She heard something coming from her bedroom. You could hear the thump of her heart. She knew what she would find but her heart was in denial. The room door creaked open. Two sweaty bodies were intertwined. Making sounds of pleasure. Fire burned in her veins. She pulled the woman to the floor and punched James and left. It was two months before she accepted his dinner invitation. He hinted at dinner she didn’t give him enough attention so he looked to other woman to get it. That was his excuse for landing in bed with another girl. After numerous texts apologizing. The breakup really affected him she thought. Monique took in his disheveled appearance. She couldn’t lie it made her feel good. Monique accepted his explanation and let him back in. She stopped working so much over time. Made sure she was home. Gave him more attention and love.
Monique got comfortable again and started working overtime. The apartment they lived in was surrounded by green grass, designated parking spaces, and trees. They lived on the bottom floor. The apartments were beige. There were stairs when you pulled up and a breezeway under it. Monique strolled through the breezeway to get to her apartment. She was third apartment on the left. She had just done more over time, cause they needed the money. James worked at a marketing firm but they weren’t doing so good hence the overtime. Monique heard voices under the stairs. One sounded like James’ voice. With a quicker eyebrow, she slowly walked to the stairs. Like they were pigeons and her footsteps would scare them away. She stood in front of the pair with her arms crossed. The woman scurried upstairs, apparently living in the same apartment as them. Her gaze looked like it could start a fire.
“Hey baby” A cheesy smile graced his lips. Looking like a cheshire cat caught doing something sneaky. She walked off, James on her heels.
“I was just talking to our neighbor.”
Monique ignored James and gave him side eyes that could burn him alive and drove off. Next couple of days we’re spent at her friend’s house. Of course, she got a plethora of texts and her phone was bombarded with calls and voicemails. She should her head of the bad memories and thought about the cute guy she just met and thought I’m available, hope he is too, she felt better. She cleared her mind and let the jazz take her away, she jogged faster, and did two more laps in the park, hoping to run into Danny again but she didn’t.
He must have left she thought, Monique decided to go home.
Where is she? Thought Danny.
Danny went home disappointed and so did Monique. She went home and called Shawna. Shawna has been her best friend since they were young, ever since a girl came up to her on the playground and said:
“She didn’t belong there.”
She was mean to her every day until Shawna confronted her one day when she was being mean to Monique. She asked the girl how she could bully someone when she still wet the bed. They were eight. Everyone laughed. She huffed and stomped off. Monique could remember sitting on the bench and bawling her eyes out. Shawna sat by her and handed her a tissue.
“You do belong, ” she said.
Those simple words made her smile and Shawna smiled back, they were inseparable from then on. Monique got home fast, she lived right down the street from the park. It’s been a year now that she lived there, James and her use to live together in Florida but when they broke up she left. They picked out the apartment together but she didn’t need the memories, the hurt was too much. Monique went to take a shower, she was in there a little longer than usual thinking about Danny. Did she mention, she needed to get laid. She got her phone from her bed and dialed Shawna.
“What’s up girl?” Shawna said.
“I met someone today, ” she said with a smile that looked like if there too long would rip her face. Her eyes shined brightly with jolly.
“Really? Who?”
”I was running and he stopped me”
“He has red hair and freckles everywhere”.
“Yes, and they look delicious”
“I’ll take your word for it”
Monique could see her, the question on her face through the phone.
“He is so muscular.”
“He asked me for the nearest store.
“ You know I know here like the back of my hand” said Monique.
“You should, you have been in Charleston for seven years now, even though you left and came back.”
She hear the sadness in her voice.
“I needed my bestie”
Shawna sounded happy again. Monique’s face split into a grin.
“I’m sooo glad you’re not in Florida anymore and you’re here with me” said Shawna. “Me too.” Monique left and came back years ago
”So did he ask you out?”
“No, but I hope he does”
“Me too”
“James was bad luck”
Monique felt her mood deflate like a flat tire.
“I’m so glad you met someone,” Shawna said excitedly
They talked some more and hung up. The next day Monique went back to the ark. She bent down to touch her toes looking through her arms for him. A shadow came over her as she was bending down. When she lifted up, it was gone. The shadow was in thee shape of a dog. She chalked it up to seeing things. Monique finished stretching and running. She did a couple of laps. On her way she gave one more glance around her and turned look forward and walked into something solid. Monique jumped. Where did he come from she thought?
“Hey I saw you and wanted to say hi”
“Hi, ” he said his face rapidly growing red.
“Hi, ” she said heart thudding
”How have you been?”
“Since yesterday?” Monique asked
“Yea. A lot can happen in a day”
“True I guess”
“I’m ok”
“How about you?”
“My day got better when I saw you, ”
He said walking closer to Monique. His gaze made her feel like prey. Not in a slimy way, quite the opposite. Her body felt on fire.
“Really?” she asked her voice barely a whisper and her eyes hooded. He breathed in deeply and moved closer. They were so close now she smelled mint on his breath. He took another inhale and his pupils filled his irises and got brighter. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Danny took another deep inhale and heard low groaning.
“I have to go, ” he said suddenly
Monique watched him walk away still breathing heavily. She arched an eyebrow and turned and walked home confused. She was sure there was something there. The next day she didn’t see him on her run. Several days passed but she never saw him. Danny finally showed up. He saw
His target and ran up to her.
A surprise crossed Monique’s face. He was used to sneaking up on people.
“Hey, what happened to you?”
“My stomach and the pain hit me suddenly.
Monique eyes now looked sympathetic.
“Are you okay?”
Monique looked down at her feet. She was playing with her hands. Danny lifted her chin.
“Can I take you out tomorrow?”
Monique gazed into calm green eyes, her eyes lowered to his strong looking pecks, then down to his….
“So how about it?” asked Danny.
“I’m sorry what did you say?” she asked, while catching the drool in danger of falling.
“Would you like to go out tomorrow?”
Monique thought about it blushing. “Yes” she said, smiling.
“Great,” said Danny with a wide grin. His voice sounded deeper and his eyes were glowing.
She must be seeing and hearing things. Monique refocused on what he was saying. “I will pick you up at eight”.
“Ok” said Monique beaming. She gave him her address and number and he jogged off.
Monique couldn’t help watching his butt as he jogged away. Danny looked back over his
shoulder and gave her a puddle made from her intimate part smile. She turned her head quickly and her cheeks rapidly became red. Just then her phone dinged. It was a text that read I miss you. She rolled her eyes and put the phone back in her pocket. A feeling of just breathing fresh air in a long time went through her body. A gentle smile fall on her lips. Monique thought what will she wear? I haven’t been out in a while. Monique went out with her girls now and then but that’s different. A smile still in place and put back on her headphones, she continued to jog home smiling, not even James could ruin her mood right now. Monique couldn’t wait to get home to call her best friend Shawna, there was so much to tell her.
“He asked me on a date,” said Monique excitedly
“I was going to ask him.”
”Be straightforward ya know?”
“Yea,” said Shawna invested now
“Then I chickened out”
”But he asked”
Shawna could hear the smile in her voice.
“I’m going be honest, I thought he vanished.”
“Me too”
“We actually have a date tomorrow, but I don’t know what to wear.”
“Why don’t you wear that cute red dress with the heels.”
“Thanks bestie, good idea.”
“You know I got you. Make sure you try them on tonight.”
“I will.” They talked some more and hung up.
Monique immediately went to her closet and got out the red dress. She tried it on and looked in her mirror sitting on the dresser. She turned left and right, then turned her back to the mirror; satisfied, she changed back into her comfortable clothes. Monique walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and pulled out her favorite wine. She poured some in a cup and took it to the living room and sat on her loveseat, she turned on the tv and watched her show, Law and Order.
Now on her third glass of wine, Monique yelled he did it slurring, guilty.
Monique didn’t mean to indulge but thinking about James and Danny, she kept refilling her cup. She made the intro sound to Law & Order. Her head whipped to the window thinking she heard a sound but saw nothing through the window. She shrugged and turned back to the show. Monique lived on the second floor surrounded by trees so she wondered what could be up in the trees. The episode ended and she went to bed, her glass was empty. Monique staggered to her bed and fell in it, she took her pillow to her chest and said take me, Danny. Monique heard a sound coming from her window. She scrunched up her face and narrowed her eyes but saw nothing so she turned her head. Monique looked at the wall, her eyes began to cross then she fell asleep.
The alarm woke her, it was time to head to work for a few hours. Monique is an accountant and there was an account she needed to finish up. She got up and got dressed, she locked up her apartment and left. It’s been six months she has been there and liked it, she liked helping people with their finances. It took her fifteen minutes to get to work.
Haley said “hey,”
Haley was a girl she worked with, mixed with freckles, skinny and was nice. Monique said “hi” and walked over to her desk but stopped by Haley’s desk which wasn’t far from hers. There were only a little of people there.
“What you doing here?” asked Haley.
“Finishing up my accounts”.
“Me too, girl.”
“Let me get to work” said Monique.
Monique walked to her desk and pulled out the account she has been working on, she opened the folder and rechecked everything. She was crunching some numbers when a shadow came over her desk, she looked up and saw Mr. Mills standing at her desk. “Mr. Mills you didn’t have to come down. Monique was working on his account. She flirts with him often loving the attention. I would have called”.
“Didn’t I tell you to call me Darren.
I just wanted to check on my account.” Said Mr.Mills.
“Yes Mr. Mills, I mean Darren” she said with a smile.
That smile Darren thought, she is so beautiful. He put his hand over hers and said “no problem, darling.” Monique smiled.
“I’ll call you when I’m done.”
“Looking forward to it, ” he said while drawing his hand back, his smile still in place. He turned and walked off. Monique liked the attention she got from Darren. He just looked to much like James, which wasn’t her type anymore. He was Latino with slick hair.
Haley ran over once he left.
“Mr. Mills is so sexy,”
“You know he likes you.”
“I don’t date clients.”
“He won’t be a client for long.”
“I guess not.”
“You better jump on that before I do.”
“I don’t know, ” said Monique chewing on bottom lip
“Devour his fine self up.”
Monique laughed. Haley walked back to her desk. It was seven, time for her to go, she packed quickly and walked to her car. Meanwhile, Danny walked into the grocery store. He strolled down the aisle seeing if there was anything he wanted. He ended up on the meat aisle. Danny picked up some ground beef. He got home and started fixing a very rare burger. He grabbed a beer out the refrigerator to go with his burger. Poured over some ice in a glass. His lips sagged down. His eyes had a faraway look in them. He thought of his ex. Kissing him and rubbing on his chest. Danny kissed her neck. The blood flowing through her veins we’re calling to him. He was so thirsty. Danny licked his lips, his mouth now dry.

Chapter 2

His eyes turned red. She sucked and licked his neck. He licked her neck. A soft moan escaped her mouth. Then she screamed and fought his tight grip that was around her waist. She kicked and screamed but she was no match for his strength. Blood puddled on the floor. Blood dripped down Danny’s mouth. His eyes were closed as he drank from her neck. His grip was tight even as she went limp. Danny let go with normal green eyes again. He watched her fall limply to the floor. He wiped his mouth with trembling hands. He drew away from the blood. Danny stared at the blood on his hands and back at the girl on the floor. Every relationship went like that. As soon as he got intimate with someone they died. He thought his mom taught him to control the blood lust but all she did was tame it. Danny should have never asked Monique out. What if he lost control of himself? He can’t lose control with her. Smoke interrupted his thoughts. The burger was burning. He threw it out with a downturned lip. He started another burger. He ate and drank.
Danny drunk the last of the remains in his cup and took a cloth and wiped his lips and threw the rag in the laundry. He walked towards his room, stomach full, he had two very rare hamburgers, and planned to eat light tonight. He got dressed in a black pants, Danny checked his reflection in the mirror, nothing was there, he wondered why he always hoped he would see something, to feel normal he guessed. Danny shrugged his shoulders and laughed to himself remembering being outside of Monique’s window. He tried to be quiet but lost it when she put the pillow to her chest saying take me. Danny cackled so hard but when she looked his way he instantly quieted. He knew he looked like a creep but he had to see her. Right then he heard a knock at the door, he placed his blue shirt down that he was going to put on. Still in his thoughts he absently answered the door, as soon as the door was open, he instantly regretted it. The visitor licked her lips, eyes wandering over his body, making him uneasy and said: “aren’t you going to invite me in?”
“Please come in, Angelina,” Danny said through gritted teeth.
She looked around and said “so this is where you choose to live?”
“It works for me”
She scrunched up her face. Angelina was tall, had brown hair, skinny, pale, and was annoying.
Angelina waved her handkerchief at the place and said “I don’t understand why you gave up the luxury of the palace for THIS ” she says scrunching up her face and crinkling her nose while looking around.
“Was there something that you needed Angelina?” his voice laced with agitation. He didn’t need or ask for her approval.
“I just wanted you to know we found you,” she said with an evil smirk.
“Thanks,” he said guiding her to the door.
“Okay, okay I’m going, but we’re watching you.”
“Thats nice” he said and closed the door. How did they find me? It’s been years, I can’t go back. I won’t. He just expects to control me and have me to destroy people I don’t even know. Danny’s face was in a grimace, he heard glass breaking and looked down to see the cup in his hand, it was broken and blood was streaming down his hand. He absently licked the blood off his hand.
His father was the main of the “they” she was talking about; he was very old school and believed he should govern everything including Danny’s marriage. He also thought he should take over once he expires. Life was planned there, every day the same stuff. Rise, wash, court a woman I didn’t know, destroy, just because the king said so. I felt horrible after some of the carnage, everyone didn’t deserve to die but if he wants it done its done, no discussion. It could be for simply disagreeing with him and they had to take care of it. There would be a different woman every day, again no discussion, only ever their kind. Vampires, his dad was an elder vampire. Born, not made. He had that too, accept his mom was a wolf. She was head of her pack. Danny’s dad and mom we’re only married as a truce between there people. She used to say the only good thing out of the truce was Danny.
The change started when he was five, he had bad night sweats and a feeling he would tear his nanny apart, then came the thirst, not for anything but blood. His mom helped him control it. She taught hI’m to just on animals. It was hard at first. Everyone’s neck called to him. He would never forget this one time, his nanny came into his room to lay his clean laundry on his bed. Danny was having a real hard time. Everyone in the castle was told to stay away from him but she didn’t listen. He could hear the blood in her veins. His mouth became dry, his eyes turned red. Danny’s nails grew longer. Her neck called to him. Sweat popped up all over his body. She jumped startled. He was near her breathing hard. He didn’t even know he moved. Screams were heard throughout the castle. His mother and father came running into his room. He was covered in blood. From then on they knew it was going be rough controlling his thirst. Many nannies came and left drained of all their blood. Over the years his parents taught him to control his urges but only while at home. It was so many changes to his body then, he seemed to get taller and his stamina increased, energy, he got muscles everywhere, which didn’t go unnoticed especially by Angelina. She would tell him how handsome he was and flirt with him constantly. Danny’s father saw this and never said a word. He thought back to one time she asked him to get something in her room while she was nude.
Around that same time his father started shoving women in his face. He has never been attracted to Angelina but that didn’t stop her from trying and she wasn’t shy about it either, she wasn’t afraid to show him he was wanted. The last straw was when she showed up to his door naked one night, he couldn’t take it anymore and run away a few years ago. He managed to evade them for four years. Just when he finally felt somewhat normal, his past was catching up with him. There were two trusted advisors because of their loyalty, they did whatever my father asked without query. Angelina was one, the other was Marcus, somebody he strongly disliked. Danny had decisions to make but he will make them later, right now he had a date with the beautiful Monique. He got ready for his date trying to push the thoughts to the back of his head. He daydreamed about Monique and her big luscious lips that were pleading for his kiss, smooth looking skin that pleaded for his touch, eyes that looked like they could see into your soul and a butt that wanted grabbing. Danny got hard thinking about her, he tried to push down his member and think about something else cause when he thought about her he wanted to grab his member and get a release. He couldn’t help it, he grabbed the jar of vaseline off the dresser and got a rag from the bathroom. Danny sat on the bed and thought about Monique’s sexy smile and started going up and down his member, he envisioned those perfect c cups and went faster. Danny let out a grunt, he thought about kissing all over her supple skin and let out another grunt. His face twisted in pleasure, Danny thought about laying kisses on her butt and that was the kicker, he let out a moan with his release.
He cleaned himself up and went to his bathroom and washed his hands and called Monique. She answered on the third ring. “Hello?” Damn she sounded so sexy. He cleared his throat and said, “Hey, its Danny.”
“Oh hey, what’s up?”
“Just wanted to make sure you didn’t forget about our dinner tonight.”
”Im getting dressed as we speak.”
“Good. I know you will look sexy in whatever you wear.” He said in a low voice.
“Is that so?” she said.
“Yes, I can’t wait to see what you got on.”
“Well let me finish getting ready and I will see you later” she said in a sultry voice.
They said their goodbyes and hung up. Danny went to the bathroom and got another rag.
Monique decided she needed another shower, her body felt on fire and her panties were soaked, she ran to the bathroom to take another shower, she only had on panties and bra on so she didn’t have much to take off. Nude she turned the shower on and tested the temperature with her hand, once it was to her liking she got in. Monique grabbed her favorite body wash and lathered her body when she got to her breasts she started massaging them like she thought Danny would, she circled her chocolate nipples and groaned. She gave her other breast the same treatment. She closed her eyes to the sensations. Monique slid her hand down her stomach and clenched her thighs, Danny’s hands were her hands. Danny was stroking her thighs. He slid his hands between her legs and circled her clit and she made a loud “o” sound.
He took his other hand and put two fingers in her, Monique moaned loudly and established a rhythm riding his fingers going in and out on one hand and the other circling her clit. Monique was breathing fast and moaning loudly. Danny licked and sucked her nipples and that drove her over the edge. Monique screamed her release, she slowly opened her eyes, it’s been so long since she wanted to do that. It’s been a year since her and James broke up and longer than that since they had sex. Monique could remember him rubbing on her thigh and her pushing his hand off.
She remembered the day she saw him at the mall when she got off early from work and decided to go get a pretzel, she loved the pretzels at the mall. Monique was walking to the pretzel stand and saw James coming out a clothing store, she was going to say hey but a woman walked out of the store and gave James a kiss. Anger boiled in her and she marched over to him, his eyes went wide when he recognized her. Next thing you know her hand stung from the slap and she walked away as he called her. From that day on she refused to see him. She got her stuff and stayed in a hotel until she came down here. Monique shook her head with the memory, she felt angry and her skin was getting wrinkly. Monique washed and got out. The euphoria from the orgasm gone, she dried off quickly and got dressed.
When she was done, she applied light makeup then the doorbell rang as she looked in the mirror. She looked at herself one more time and went to answer the door. Dead flowers sat in front of her door with a note. With raised eyebrows she reached for the note. “ Who in the world?” She flipped the card over and it read all dreams end, the card had her even more puzzled. She picked up the dead flowers and threw them in the trash, then there was another knock at the door. Monique hurried to the door, Danny was standing there looking handsome in his blue shirt and black pants, his hair looked touchable and he looked confident and delicious.
“ What’s wrong?” He asked.
“Nothing,” she lied. He knew she was lying but didn’t say anything about it, instead he said “You look great.”
She didn’t think having baggage on the first date was attractive. So she smiled like nothing was wrong. “You do, too” Monique said looking him up and down. “Shall we go? Danny said holding out his arm.
I will not lose control. I will not lose control. He repeated to himself
“Yeah,” she says taking his arm. As they walk down the hall. Her neighbor Cheryl who lives directly across from her comes out and says “are you alright?
I heard loud noises coming from your apartment earlier.”
“I didn’t hear it but thank you for checking on me Ms. Cheryl.”
Cheryl said “you welcome” and closed her door.
“What noise?” asked Danny.
“No idea” said Monique.
They walked out the door of the building, Danny opened the car door for her. “Thank you” she said, he goes around and gets in. They arrived at the restaurant and Danny held the door open for her into the restaurant named Sass, the inside was so elegant. The was abstract artwork was on the wall and black tabletop covers. It was packed so the food should be good, the waitress guided them to a table, it was tucked into a corner, the lights were dim and a candle flickered on the table. He helped her to her seat with his hand on her back. Danny could hear her veins pump blood through her body. She said thank you. Danny realized his hand was still on her back.
“Sorry,” he said and sat down.
Monique put her hand over his on the table and said “that’s ok.”
Danny felt a spark from that touch. The spark traveled right to his member. Monique’s chest rose and fell quickly from the heat that travels to her most intimate parts. Monique quickly retrieved her hand and put it to her chest to calm the thudding of her heart. Danny pulled away from his hand slowly with half hooded eyes. The waitress gave them menus. Monique decided on the red dress Shawna suggested that showed off her calves and a bra that pushed her breasts up, red jewelry and red heels, Monique wore her favorite Victoria Secret perfume. Danny’s eyes were low and he licked his lips which made Monique instantly wet. “You look beautiful tonight,”
“Thank you” she said licking her lips. Danny followed her tongue with his eyes. She smirked to herself and grabbed a menu, that compliment had her on cloud nine.
Danny couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, she just looked so damn good. He averted his eyes to look at the menu, his heart was beating and his member was so hard. If he stared any longer, he would have his way with her right on the table. Monique’s blood called to him. Being horny only made his thirst worst. He put his head down and looked intently at the menu. He kept putting his hand in his lap. Monique’s heart was hammering, she thought Danny could hear it.
Just then the waitress walked up, “are y’all ready to order?”
“Yes, ” they both said, they both laughed. Danny ordered a rare steak with vegetables and Monique ordered fried shrimp with fries.
“So where do you work?” asked Danny.
“I’m an accountant, how about you?”
“I’m retired,” he said.
“Aren’t you too young to retire?” she asked with squinted eyes.
“I saved well. So you like money huh?”
Monique smiled and said “I guess so.” She bit her bottom lip, Danny felt like he was going to cum in his pants. Conversations flowed a lot easier. He smiled a lot and so did she. Danny noticed he wasn’t even thinking about her blood. He didn’t dare to hope.
Then the food came and her phone rang. Monique looked at the caller and rolled her eyes.
“Do you need to get that?” asked Danny.
“No,” said Monique but her phone kept ringing, she huffed and turned it off. Monique knew it was just her ex, he wasn’t going to mess up her mood tonight.
He asked about high school, she said she was a shy kid, she kept to herself and didn’t have much friends.
She told him about Shawna, she explained she knew her since elementary school. Monique asked about his childhood, he told her he had a good childhood. Danny said he could remember playing with his mom in the garden, which was a lie, his mother ran off when he was six, which was a year after he shifted for the first time. Danny’s eyes glazed over and he remembered a time when his parents were yelling at the top of their lungs. She left the next day, he felt so alone when she left. His father didn’t send anyone after her and there were many nights he cried, but that stopped after a year. Once she left Danny never heard from her again. He thought he was over it but felt an ache in his chest. Danny refocused on Monique.
She was talking about how much she loved ice cream and what is his favorite food?

Chapter 3

A rare steak he said, she thought that was weird but she thought but you like what you like. She then thought about the dead flowers and the card. For the life of her she couldn’t think of anyone that would do that. Just then a shadow came over the table. Monique looked up into brown eyes, smooth dark skin, it was a man with a blue suit. He addressed Danny only. “Hello Danny”
“Hi Marcus”
“See you soon, ” then he turned away. “Who was that?” asked Monique.
“An old acquaintance, let’s go.”
“Okay,” said Monique. Danny walked quickly ahead of her and opened the door, they quickly got into the car and drove to her apartment building and he walked Monique to her door. “Sorry about that, ” he said.
“No problem, I still had great time.” Monique said while retrieving the note in front of her door. Danny didn’t say anything but he noticed, he tried not to be too aggressive, even though he was dying to see the note. So he said instead “You looked beautiful tonight, ” he said.
“Thank you, ” she said moving closer. Danny caressed her face,
“You’re just beautiful.” He looked at her black eyes and then her plump lips that were parted. Danny focused on her lips. He rubbed his thumb across her bottom lip. Monique looked at his pink lips. They moved closer to each other. He put his hand on her back, then slid down to her butt, giving it a squeeze. A soft pleasure sound escaped her. Danny growled low in his throat. Then she devoured his lips. A pleasure sound came from Danny, rumbling his chest. His tongue swirled around hers and her nipples got hard. She playfully and lightly bit his lip, he growled and his member got even harder. It was starting to border on pain. Danny started kissing her neck, Monique closed her eyes to the pleasure. Danny squeezed her butt again. She moaned in his mouth. Monique could feel his hard member and it made her wet. Danny pushed her up against the wall.
Monique said breathily “ maybe we should stop.”
Danny immediately stopped the assault on her thigh and he said “I’m sorry, couldn’t help myself ”
“No, I’m sorry. I will see you later” she hurried into her apartment and put her back against the door breathing hard. Monique’s most intimate part throbbed begging for release. She ran to take a cold shower. Danny looked down at his hard member and groaned.
He walked to his car and drove to the woods, he got out and stretched and he still had a stiff member, he thought I got to burn off this energy. He looked left and right and saw no one and took off his clothes and folded them in a neat pile. Danny was stark naked, hair sprouted from everywhere and his green eyes got brighter, his teeth got longer. He could feel his power running through him, he howled then ran in the woods. Danny caught a deer and stuck his sharp pointy fangs in it, you could hear the blood draining from the deer. His eyes slowly turned blood red, the deer hit the ground with a thud, blood dripped down his mouth, he howled at the moon.
Monique heard howling as she got dress and stopped for a minute. She hasn’t seen any wolves around here. Monique got in her pajamas and sat in her favorite chair with some juice. She got the note laying on her bed, “Everyone suffers at least one bad betrayal in their lifetime. She was really confused now. Monique tried to focus on the dead flowers, best up teddy bear, and now note but that kiss invaded her thoughts. Monique remembered how is lips felt so good against hers. She traced her lips and remembering how he pulled her closer by the butt and the feel of his hard member. Monique had to get away or she would jump him and ride him until the morning. Monique turned the TV to her favorite show to distract her, she fell asleep on the couch. Her phone rang, waking her out of her sleep. She answers it without looking at the caller ID.
“Hey baby” Monique knew that voice.
“I’m not your baby anymore, ” she said through clenched teeth.
“You will always be my baby.”
Monique rolled her eyes and said “what do you want?”
“Why didn’t you answer my call earlier?”
“I was busy.”
“Too busy for me?”
“Yes, she said with a deadpan voice.
“Well, I wanted to let you know I will be down there in two weeks. I have business down there. See you soon, ” then he hung up.
Monique put her hand to her head and massaged her temple, she always had a headache after talking with James. Monique did not want to see James, but he will make sure she does. They’re just going to argue and fuss, Monique didn’t feel like that. She was done with that life, Monique refused to be like her mother. Her mother and father argued over everything. Luckily a girl named Trace lived near her, most of her time was spent at her house. Trace wasn’t her best friend but they were friendly enough. She got into the same type of toxic relationship with James. Monique’s parents weren’t exactly a good example of what she should strive for. She was so afraid that her dad would slap her mom one day but he never did. Monique always wondered why one of them just didn’t leave, it was like that as long as she could remember. Her mom died when she was twenty-one from a heart attack. She knew it was from the constant arguing. A few months after that Monique left and met James, she was young and dumb. Four years of her life wasted but she did leave. She still talks to her dad but keeps her distance, she vowed to never waste her life as her mom did. Monique refused to put up with James stuff, she didn’t want to waste her life.
As she was lost in her thoughts her phone rang again. “Hello?” She could hear silence nothing else. “ Hello?” She said again, silence, she hung up thoroughly creeped out. Her phone rang, “ hello?” She answered angrily.
“Hey are you ok?”, ” said Danny.
“Yeah, sorry” said Monique
“Hey, sorry about tonight. Did I do something wrong?”
“No,” she said quickly. “I was into it. I don’t want to move too fast this time.”
“This time?”
Monique fell silent “I will tell you another time.”
“Ok, but I won’t hurt you.”
“Good to know. What you doing?”
“Taking a walk in the park,” enjoying the fresh air he lied while buttoning his jeans.
“That sounds nice, one day I will join you.”
“How about tomorrow around seven?” “Sure.”
“Goodnight beautiful.”
“Goodnight” she said and they hung up. Monique was smiling broadly and butterflies were in her stomach, she couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Monique thought of Danny’s muscles and smiled. Monique walked to her room and laid down, she dreamed of being in the park with Danny.
The next day Monique woke up excited, she fixed breakfast and decided her refrigerator was looking empty, she had to stop at the grocery store.
As she was pushing a cart down the aisle to go get eggs, she saw Shawna. “Hey girl, ” said Shawna.
“Hey, what you doing here?”
“Grocery shopping, I got my nephew for a few days. He got my refrigerator looking empty.” She exaggerated empty.
Monique laughed. “So how was your date?”
“I enjoyed myself. He was such a gentleman until the end of the night.”
“Ooh details.”
“Well after we left the restaurant, he drove me home and walked me to my apartment. Then I kissed him. It was so hot.”
“I bet, you go girl.”
“Then I backed out. It was so hot but I didn’t want to move to fast.”
“Listen Danny is not James, he is a gentleman and he likes you. Do what you feel, and don’t be afraid to do it.”
“Thanks Shawna, I needed that.”
“I got your back girl.” They hugged and promised to call each other. Monique got a few more things and walked to her car and drove home. She got to her apartment, put up the food, and then sat down and looked at an action movie, it was the “Kickboxer” movie, an oldie but goodie she thought. Monique grabbed bottled water and sat down and watched tv, the movie riled her up. It made her excited and decided one more date with Danny then she will let her desire go free.
The doorbell rang, she fixed herself and answered the door with a smile. No one was there, she was about to close the door when she looked down and saw a beat up teddy bear, the eyes were gone. She grabbed the bear and threw it away. It was starting to get really weird now she thought rubbing her arms.
They walked the trail with light winds blowing around them. “So what’s your favorite thing to do?” asked Danny.
“Yes, it’s where my mind can relax. I love to listen to jazz while I run.”
“That’s good you have an outlet.”
“What’s your favorite pass time?”
“Reading. I like being taken away.”
“So that must mean you have a good imagination.”
”I daydream all the time.”
“About what?”
“I dream about you.”
“Me?” Monique says stopping and looking at Danny.
“Deeply kissing you, swirling my tongue around yours,” he said looking her in the eyes. “Kissing your chin back to your luscious lips while my hand holds your head. My other hand that’s holding your side slides down to your butt and gives it squeeze.”
Monique licks her lips then clears her throat then says, “let’s continue walking.” Then she walks off fast.
Danny smirks and catches up with her. Hey, I don’t want to rush you but can we talk about you being hurt?” Monique was quiet and avoided his eyes.
Danny persisted ” I just don’t want to pay for anyone’s else mistakes.
He heard a quiet voice say, “My ex really hurt me.” Monique stopped. “How do I know you won’t do the same?”
Danny looked into her eyes framed her face with his hands, “ I won’t hurt you.” For some reason, Monique believed him and told him about James.
“Another woman couldn’t hold a candle to you,” Monique blushed.
“He said he’s coming down soon. I just know he wants to see me. We always argued and ever since my mom died, I vowed to not be like my parents. My parents argued constantly and violently. It wasn’t physical but they would throw stuff and be up in each other’s face. One time they were arguing and I went in my room and blasted the music, I thought it was weird because I didn’t hear anything. I went out my room and saw my mom on the floor clutching her chest, my dad was on the floor with her, talking panicky on the phone. I ran and knelt by mom, she was still and she had a faraway look in her eyes.”
Monique had tears coming down her face, “I shook her but got no response, I screamed mama over and over but nothing, I still cried and screamed her name. The ambulance came and we followed the van to the hospital. I and dad sat in the waiting room while they rushed to the back. The doctor came out a few minutes later with his face looking sorrowful and told us mom was gone. My dad’s face looked pained and he cried. It was the first time I saw him cry, but I couldn’t deal with that right then I had my head buried in my hands and letting out a horrible cry. My tears soaked my shirt.” Monique had a faraway look in her eyes and tears came from her eyes.
Danny hugged her, he hated she was in so much pain and he could do nothing about it. He felt her tears run down his shoulder, hitting his bare arms.
He rubbed her back, “I’m sorry, ” she said sitting up.
“No, I’m sorry, I wanted to know.” He wiped her tear with his finger, then laid a soft kiss on her lips. He grabbed her hand and they continued walking as Monique and Danny got in a lively discussion about an episode from Law And Order. “What’s your proof?” Danny said.
“He lied to the police. He did see her the day she was killed.”
“Doesn’t make him guilty.”
“Yes it does,” he lied.” “Maybe he didn’t remember.”
Monique rolled her eyes. “Let’s agree to disagree.”
“Sure, I’m right your wrong.” Danny smiled and said “there is a ice cream spot near here. Wanna go?” he said cutting her off before her rebuttal.
“Absolutely.” The trail ended and they got in the car.
He held the door open for her, they were at a place called Charlie’s. Monique’s eyes lit up when she saw the different choices of ice cream. Danny got vanilla ice cream with m&m’s in it. Monique got butter pecan.
“Hey, ” a man says to Monique. “Hey, ” I haven’t seen you in forever and gives him a hug. Danny’s fangs grow longer is the mouth. “What you doing here? It’s Abe right?”
“Yeah, I came back home because of family. You?”
“I guess I just missed home. I’ll see you later, ” said Monique. Danny and Monique found a seat and Danny’s face went back to normal. Monique takes a scoop of her ice cream and tastes it, she closes her eyes and moans her delight. Danny looks at her wishing he made her moan. She slowly opens her eyes, he hurriedly shoves a scoop of ice cream in his mouth. Monique opens her eyes to see Danny shoving a scoop in his mouth. Monique wished she could kiss him again. She thought about him grabbing her butt and felt her panties getting moist. Monique cleared her throat and looked around to see a few people enjoying their ice cream and in conversations. She looked back at Danny who said, “are you enjoying your ice cream?”
“Yes, I like this place.”
“Thought you would. So how is work?”
“Good, just got a client who likes me.” Danny feels heat is in his stomach and it spread to his hands. He could feel his fangs elongating again and his eyes changing. He puts his hand on his forehead like a visor then puts his head down. “Are you alright? Asks Monique.
“Brain freeze.”
“Those aren’t fun at all.” Monique reached out and touched his cheek. His fangs receded and his eyes went back to normal. He closed his eyes and leans into her hand. Monique realizes she already feels warmth in her heart for Danny, It can’t happen this fast she thought.
She slowly draws her hand back and Danny lifts his head. “Feel better?”
“A lot because of you, thanks.” She blushed.
“So do you like this man at work?”
“He’s nice, but not my type.”
Danny felt better.
“I can’t blame him.” She smiled at him and ate more of her ice cream. They finish up and get in the car, he puts on soft rock music and puts the window down. She puts her hand out of the window to feel the air go through her hair and hit her face, Monique felt good. The music relaxed her and the air felt good, just then her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and rolled her eyes and silenced her phone. Danny saw her roll her eyes. “Is everything ok?”
“Yeah just my ex.”
“What does he want?”
“Who knows and who cares.” Monique was elated at the moment and James would not mess it up.
“Well, he messed up letting you.” Monique smiled and closed her eyes as the music and wind eased her mind. Right then, Danny had no worries, his father wasn’t on his mind or the big secret he’s hiding from Monique. Danny pulled up to her apartment, he got out of the car came around and opened her door. Monique and Danny walked to her door.
Monique said “I really enjoyed myself today.”
“Me too.”
Danny gave her a quick kiss on her cheek, then left. She went into her apartment confused. Danny got in his car reading to himself she wants to go slow. He pushed his member down, groaning. Monique called Shawna and told her what happened. “Did you tell him to go slow?”
“No” Monique thought of the phone call she had with Danny. She mentally kicked herself. “Yes, ” Monique let out a exaggerated sigh. “What do I do?”
“Show him what you want.”
“Your right, it’s time to take control. So how are you?”
“Good, trying to get my nephew to go outside instead of constantly being on that 3DS. Kids and electronics.”
“How is George?”
George is Shawna’s off and on boyfriend.
“He’s right there, he made me mad the other day and we were arguing.”
“Tell him I said hi, and remember pick your battles.”
“I know, I know, but you know my mouth.” Shawna and Monique laughed. They talked some more and hung up.

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