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Jessica walked to her next class with her books in her hand. This was her last year and she was trying to keep her grades up so she can soon graduate and become a pharmacist. As she got to her class, her boyfriend, Rick was already waiting for her outside the hall.
Rick and Jessica had been dating for about a year now and even if Jessica didn’t love him, she at the least liked him. Rick definitely changed over the years and not for the good. Upon meeting him, Jessica smiled at him and gave him a swift kiss on the cheek and they walked into the classroom together.
Class went by fast, they parted ways, and she headed to her dorm.
Her roommate was gone as always. She was just about to put her books down when she heard a knock at the door. Jess opened the door, and Rick started kissing her.
Rick rubbed her breast through her shirt. She tried to push him off because that’s as far as she wanted to go with him; she couldn’t. He continued the assault on her breasts, squeezing. Jessica winced, he was trying to take her shirt off. Rick pushed her on the bed.
“I want to stop”, said Jessica.
“I don’t”, said Rick, pulling down her pants and panties together.
She said stop over and over but he didn’t listen. Next thing she knew, she felt him at her entrance. She screamed but he put his hand over her mouth. She bit his hand. He yelled and called her a bitch, she pushed him off and ran. She immediately called Stephanie and Ashley, crying.
Jessica struggled to tell them what happened as she couldn’t stop crying. When she finally did, they wanted to jump him and beat him until he’s unrecognizable.
“I just wanted to leave.”
Stephanie and Ashley were Jessica’s best friends. They went to different colleges nearby but were still very close, and they grew up together. Stephanie was pale skinned with brown, long hair. She had a big butt, but they accepted her and every now and then, she thanked them for not judging her. Ashley always said, “Girl, please, you don’t have nothing for us to judge.” Stephanie would roll her eyes and push Ashley, then they’d all laugh.
Ashley was short, mixed between Chinese and Black. She looked more like her mom though, besides the light skin color. Ashley had black, thick hair, and she was shapely. The only thing she got from her dad was the slanted eyes.
Jessica noticed the next day that Rick had bruises all over his face and he was limping. She called Ashley and Stephanie but they said they are not responsible for it, but she had her doubts. She wasn’t mad though – he deserved it. When she thought about what he did to her, she wanted to scream.

Several weeks passed and Jessica got a call from her ex-boyfriend and almost-rapist. She answered once and told him if he called again, he would be locked up. Jessica ended the call and started crying. She never talked to him again.
Most nights, she woke up in a sweat, screaming “stop”. It was months after the nightmares stopped that she didn’t jump when someone touched her. Jessica was finally starting to feel normal.

It was the last few days of school. She was so ready to see her mom, dad, and Katelyn, her baby sister who was blessed with squeezable cheeks. The week went by fast and at last arrived her graduation. Mom and Dad smiled so wide at her that she could see the pride in their eyes. Katelyn on the other hand, giggled and reached for her when she walked across the stage.
Jess’s baby sister was six months, and she loved her dearly as she always made Jess happy.
“So you ready?” asked Ashley, bringing Jessica out of her thoughts a week after graduation.
“Yeah, ” Jessica said taking one more look at the school. Ashley put on her jam by Lizzo, and they all sang the lyrics. It was a three-hour ride home. They pulled up in Jessica’s driveway, and her family came running out. She got out of the car and ran to her dad. He hugged her so tight as he told her how he misses his baby girl, turned around and tickled Katelyn, saying she was his baby girl too. Katelyn giggled. Jessica hugged her mom and Katelyn reached for her. She took Katelyn from her mom and snuggled her. In a moment of stillness they both closed their eyes. She really had missed her.
Her dad and mom gave Stephanie and Ashley a hug. As Ashley wont, she came and took Katelyn out of Jess’ hands. They all walked in the house hearing the baby girl’s laughter as Stephanie made funny faces at her.

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