Kick-Ass Characters: How to Create Epic Characters in 4 Easy Steps — Tomi Adeyemi | CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE

When I start a story, I love falling in love with my main character. Eager
to join the Hermione Grangers and Katniss Everdeens of today, I dream up my
heroine’s quirks and skills. 

I think about her favorite Chinese takeout, how often and how long she
looks at herself in the mirror. These details may seem mundane, but detail
builds character.

The girl who orders vegetarian’s delight and curls her hair each morning is
not the same girl who stuffs her face with crab rangoon and avoids looking
at her reflection in the mirror. The more details I add, the more I
discover. The more I discover, the easier it is to write!

But no matter how much detail I create in the beginning, there are always
moments where I find myself stuck. I think, “What would my protagonist say
in this situation? Is she doing what she would actually do or what I need
her to do?”

In these moments I turn to the very basics of character, and here are a few
rules and exercises to help you build your own epic story characters!
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