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He drunk the whole bottle and wiped his mouth. He closed his eyes feeling a glorious high. He opened his eyes and wiped the sweat from his neck. It was hot as hell out here. Just then he saw a woman jog by he couldn’t take his eyes off of. She had caramel like skin, brown short hair, short, and thick. She was wearing shorts that showed caramel toned legs and t-shirt that her c cups. She wasn’t big or small and had plump ass. He salivated just looking at her more like gawking at her. He jogged in front of her. She took out her headphones and asked “can I help you?”. He noticed her pretty black eyes. They looked like they could see his soul. Which he hoped not. There was a light sheen of sweat on her forehead. There was no wind today. “Is there a store around here?” he said. She gave him you stop me for that look but said ”yes, around the corner” she said. “Thank you so much he said showing off white pearly teeth. “My name is Jordan. What’s your name?” he asked. She smiled back and said ” Monique”. He though to himself her smile was so sexy. “Well I’ll see you around Monique”. He gave her that smile and started jogging the trail.

Monique didn’t realize she was starting at him and smiling as if memorized. She thought he was cute. Wonder if he’s married or has a girlfriend. He looked so good with his shorts and a shirt that showed off his pecks. His showed off his muscular and a splash freckles everywhere. Jordan had red hair you want to run your hands through. Then she shook her head of the thoughts and put her earphones back in and ran the trail. She listened to jazz while running. It soothed her mind. Monique jogged and thought about the numerous texts she got from her ex. He claimed he wanted to see her. Monique didn’t think that was a good idea. They always argued when in the same place and she didn’t feel like that. She thought about this one time they argued about a woman constantly calling his phone. This woman called as soon as he would get home. Of course he denied knowing her but she just didn’t pull the number out the air. One of the many reasons they broke up. Then she cleared her mind and let the jazz take her away. Monique was soothed by the jazz. Monique felt better and immediately felt light. She jogged faster. She did two more laps in the park. Hoping to run into Jordan again but she didn’t. He must have left she thought. Monique decided to go home. As she was walking someone came up beside her. She jumped. It was Jordan. Where did he come from she thought? “Hey I wanted to ask you a question” Jordan said. Monique said “You scared me and I thought you went home. Ask away”. Monique took her headphones. He smiled and said “im sorry if I gave you a fright.“ Can I take you out tomorrow?” Monique thought about it blushing. “Yes” she said smiling. “Great” said Jordan with a wide grin. “I will pick you up at eight”. “Ok” said Monique. Jordan jogged off.

Monique thought what will she wear? I haven’t been out in a while. Monique went out with her girls now and then but that’s different. Just then she got a text. She checked her phone and the text read I miss you. She rolled her eyes and knew it was from her ex James. She put the phone back in her pocket and put back on her headphones. She continued to jog home smiling. Monique couldn’t wait to get home to call her best friend Shawna. She had so much to tell her. Monique got home fast, she lived right down the street from park. It’s been right months now that she lived there. James and her use to live together. When they broke up she left. They picked out the apartment together but she didn’t need the memories. Monique went to take a shower. She was in there a little longer than usual thinking about Jordan. She got her phone from her bed and dialed Shawna. “Whats up girl?” Shawna said. “I got a date” said Monique. Shawna said “spill.” “He has red hair and freckles everywhere” said Monique. “Freckles?” asked Shawna. “Yes and they look delicious” said Monique. “I’ll take your word for it” said Shawna. “He is so muscular.” Said Monique. “Where did you meet” said Shawna. ”He asked me for the nearest store”. “You know I know here like the back of my hand” said Monique. “You should, you have been in Charleston for seven years now”. “Im sooo glad your not in Florida anymore and you’re here with me” said Shawna. “Me too” said Monique. “So did he ask you out?” asked Shawna. “We actually have a date tomorrow but I don’t know what to wear” Why don’t you wear that cute blue dress with the heels.”

“Thanks bestie, good idea.” “You know I got you. Make sure you try them on tonight.” “I will.”. They talked some more and they hung up. She immediately went to her closet and got out the blue dress. Monique tried it on and looked in her mirror sitting on the dresser. She turned left and right, then turned her back to the mirror. Satisfied she changed back into her comfortable clothes. Monique walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. She pulled out her favorite wine. Poured in the cup and took it to the living room and sat on her loveseat. She turned on the tv and watched her favorite show, Law and Order. Now on her third glass of wine. Monique yelled he did it slurring. Guilty, guilty. She made the intro sound. She heard a sound but saw nothing. Monique shrugged and turned back to the show. The episode ended and she went to bed. Her glass was empty. She staggered to her bed and fell in it. She took her pillow and said take me Jordan. She put the pillow to her chest. Monique heard a sound coming from her window. She scrunched up her face and turned her her head. She looked at the wall, her eyes began to cross then she fell asleep. She was woken by her alarm. She had to do a few hours at work. She is an accountant. There was an account she needed to finish up. Monique got up and got dressed. She locked up her apartment and went to work. Monique got in her car and got to work in fifteen minutes. Haley said “hey”. Haley was a girl she worked, mixed freckles, skinny and was nice. Monique said “hi” and walked over to her desk. “What you doing here?” asked Haley. “Finish up my accounts”. “Me too girl.” “Let me get to work” said Monique.

Monique walked to her desk. She pulled out the account she has been working on. Monique opened the folder and rechecked everything. She was crunching some numbers when a shadow came over her desk. She looked up and saw Mr. Mills standing at her desk. “Mr. Mills you didn’t have to come down. I would have called” said Monique. “I just wanted to check on my account.” “Didn’t I tell you to call me Darren.” “Yes Mr. Mills, I mean Darren” she said with a smile. That smile Darren thought. She is so beautiful. He put his hand over hers and said “no problem, darling.” Monique pulled her hand back and said “I’ll call you when I’m done.” “Looking forward to it, ” he said while drawing his hand back. He turned and walked away. He was light skinned and had hazel eyes, he looked good but too much like James. Haley ran over once he left. “Mr. Mills is so sexy.” “You know he likes you.” “I don’t date clients.” “He won’t be a client for long.” “I guess not.” “You better jump on that before I do.” “He is all yours.” “Really?” “Thanks girl.” “Im eat his fine self up.” Monique laughed and walked back to her desk. It was seven, time for her to go. She went to her car and Darren was standing by it. “Umm what are you still doing her?” Asked Monique. She looked at him expectantly. “I was wondering if I could take you out tonight?” “Sorry but I have a date tonight.” “Cancel it, ” “I promise you won’t regret it.” “Sorry I can’t” Monique got in her car and drove off. Close call she thought. Aggressive aren’t we? I got to be more careful with him thought Monique. She got to her apartment and hurried and changed. So much time was wasted with Darren. Monique got dress and headed out.

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