Don’t worry about the hype

Most people want to be the best just to say their the best. If you put hours and days in, you are the best. You want to be a best seller on Amazon, remember that is the best in that category so technically your a best seller. In no way shape or form am I downplaying that accomplishment. Those people worked hard for that so congratulations!

You shouldn’t go straight for that goal. Baby steps. Get your book out there first. That is an accomplishment itself. Worry of what people would say stops you. Your own self awareness stops you. I thought having a stroke during surgery, I couldn’t do it. But then I said what the hell. I got to many ideas in my head and I got to get them out. So let nothing stop you even if you got to use the voice to text. Hire an editor and explain your situation. I had to learn that the only person in my way was me. Haters going always do what their designed to do hate. Succeed and leave their mouths hanging cause they thought you couldn’t do it.

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