What im working on

gown. The door was closed by Sandy. Asha pulled her clothes off as she thought I hope this won’t hurt too much. The doctor walked in not long after. Dr. Chan told her to get on the table. Sandy told her to put her feet in the stirrups. Sandy told her to relax and put a needle in her arm. Asha felt sleepy. It was the anesthesia. Soon she was sleep. Asha couldn’t move, she screamed and screamed. Her skirt came up then she heard grunting. Her shoulder was shaking. Then Asha heard her name. Her eyes opened, and she looked up into the face of Sandy. You have been asleep for an hour. We finished fifty minutes ago. Are you alright ? said, Sandy. Yea, I must have been tired. Said Asha. Well stay here for thirty minutes then Dr. Chan will come talk to you. Asha got dressed and laid on the table. She laid down.

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